Title Services

Title Services - Land Acquisitions Inc

These services include

  • Title research
  • Tax roll research
  • Mortgage searches
  • Surface and subsurface ownership
  • Abstracting
  • Due diligence
  • Real property rights
  • Title curative
  • Limited Title Certificates
  • Chain of title - run sheets
  • Line list revision & maintenance
  • Physical & digital file preparation

A normal surface easement project would consist of a tax roll search to determine preliminary ownership at which point contact information is researched. LAI uses LEXIS-NEXIS for all of our contact information as well as for background checks where necessary/required. Once contact with the landowner is established the title process will begin. Depending on client requirements all documentation will be researched in the proper offices within a particular municipality or where the project is physically located. After the required documentation is researched and produced, LAI will compile those details into a Limited Title Certificate and build a complete physical & digital file for this tract/landowner. Under other circumstances due diligence, abstracting or even curative title work may need to be completed to satisfy some client requirements and if so we can provide these services on any project whenever desired by the client.


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