Acquisition Services

Aquisition Services - Land Acquisitions Inc

These services include

  • Management of online GIS resources
  • Preliminary sketch/plat preparation
  • Easement/right of way/servitude acquisition
  • Option to purchase easement
  • Data collection, entry into corporate databases and specialty software per client
  • Free property acquisition
  • Surface location easements, leases, etc.
  • Document preparation
  • Terms, addendums and provisions negotiation
  • Face-to-face interactions and development of relationships with landowners
  • Document recordation and data management
  • Permanent and temporary rights
  • Governmental, State, Federal and local agency permitting
  • Negotiations
  • Condemnation support
  • Subject matter experts
  • Litigation support

Acquisition services are at the heart of what LAI does. We believe that honest negotiations are the best way to benefit clients and property owners alike. There are many facets to this operation but the most important to us is face-to-face interactions and that is what sets LAI apart from the crowd. Understanding the landowners and clients needs and concerns as well as budgets & timeframes are the most important steps to putting it all together in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on our ability to prepare sketches in-house and be able to use these sketches to begin the acquisition of easements from landowners. However, sometimes condemnation is required on a particular tract. LAI never stops attempting to solve issues with landowners right up to the courthouse steps before proceedings begin. Condemnation is normally reserved as a last resort tactic but unfortunately it has become more frequently used in the last few years to accomplish project goals. In nearly 40 years of working in this arena, LAI has only had to testify in court twice in condemnation proceedings. All other cases were negotiated to satisfaction. LAI also maintains a licensed Louisiana realtor on staff.


Land Acquisitions, Inc.

Acquisition service company with experienced agents and support team that bring right of way projects in on time and under budget.


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