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Preliminary Project Management

Project management & administrative support · GIS & mapping services · Data collection · Line list preparation, revision& maintenance · Route development, analysis, assessment & revisions · Feasibility studies · Project reporting & statistics · Project budgeting, cost projection, scheduling & forecasting · Strategic planning · Final route selection · UAV (drone) route evaluation & mapping

These steps will include all of the above processes but will mainly focus on development of the route to include all common factors associated with route planning.

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Title Services

Title research · Tax roll research · Mortgage searches · Surface & Subsurface ownership · Abstracting · Due diligence · Real property rights · Title curative · Limited Title Certificates · Chain of title - run sheets · Project management & administration · Line list revision & maintenance · Physical & digital file preparation

Title services include all of the above processes. A normal surface easeement project would consist of a tax roll search to determine preliminary ownership. At this point contact information would be researched.

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Survey Permissions & Coordination

Acquisition of survey permission · Survey permission line list & coordination with survey field crews · Right of entry, right of use agreements · Agricultural & silvicultural consulting & assessment · Accurate valuation of real estate · Project management & administration · UAV (drone) services

LAI is well versed in obtaining these types of agreements as well as preparation of these agreements as needed. LAI will also compile these written or verbal permission and incorporate them into a line list and coordinate that information daily with the survey crews on the ground so as to not enter properties where we are not allowed.

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Land Acquisition Services

Project management & administrative support · Management of online GIS resources · Preliminary sketch/plat preparation · Easement/right of way/servitude acquisition · Option to purchase easement · Data collection & entry into corporate databases & specialty software per client · free property acquisition · Surface location easements, leases, etc. · Terms, addendums & provisions negotiation · Document recordation & data management · Permanent & temporary rights · Governmental, State, Federal & local agency permitting · Negotiations · Condemnation support · Subject matter experts · Litigation support

Land acquisition services are the heart of what LAI does. We believe that honest negotiations are the best way to benefit our clients as well as the property owners whose land our clients would like to work on.

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Construction Support & Clean Up Services

Construction support · Daily Safety Meetings · General landowner relations · Easement amendments & supplemental agreements · Damage settlement · Reclamation support

Construction support is a fairly straight forward process. Normally, this would entail one of our agents who would attend the daily morning safety/tailgate meeting prior to construction start and act as a buffer between the contractor and the landowner.

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File Maintenance & Completion

Project management & administrative support · Digital & physical file completion · shipping/uploading all paperwork per clients desired specifications

File maintenance is a critical component of every project. At the end of the day your project easement is only as good as the documentation that backs it up.

Additional Services

    • Not just the acquisition of pipeline easements but we have worked and completed the acquisitions of power lines, water lines, cell towers, fiber optics and other communication easements and many different and varied forms of surface utilities including electric transformer sites, Radio antenna sites, compressor stations, heater sites, tank farms, pipe yards, well locations, access roads and parking lots.


    • Perform permitting tasks with railroads, utility companies, municipalities and other governmental units, State, Local and Federal, for all types of projects.


    • Extensively experienced in non-regulated pipelines but have worked on larger regulated facilities projects as well. We document all aspects of the acquisition process whether or not condemnation applies should it become necessary to change direction in the middle of a project. After all attempts to negotiate and reach a mutual agreement have failed we are experienced in condemnation proceedings including testifying in court when necessary.


    • Unlike some of the larger firms we staff our jobs with agents that have greater experience in the industry. Almost all of our current agents have at least 5 years of experience in the field.


    • We pride ourselves with creating good landowner relations since we have learned over many years that you will wind up working with the same landowner over and over again.


    • Recognizing that every impression made with landowners directly affects the client’s reputation.



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