Preliminary project management

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These services include

  • Project management & Administrative support
  • GIS & mapping services
  • Data collection
  • Line list preparation, revision & maintenance
  • Route development, analysis, assessment & revisions
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project reporting & statistics
  • Project budgeting, cost projection, scheduling & forecasting
  • Strategic planning
  • Final route selection
  • UAV (drone) route evaluation & mapping

Preliminary project management steps will include all of the above processes but will mainly focus on development of a route. Normally, a client will share that they have picked a route based on their goals, but sometimes this does not happen and we are only given a starting point and an ending point. At this stage we will review the route via desktop, include all of the pertinent information that should be considered, and then begin establishing or revising the route where required with a determined focus on saving the client money where possible. This means avoiding known property issues, landowners or jurisdictions with extreme requirements, shortening the length of the line, adjusting to miss wetlands, etc.


If needed, we can complete feasibility studies on potential routes as well as provide clients with alternative routes. Cost estimates & projections are based on all available data as well as general knowledge of the field/area where the route will impact. All of LAI's cost estimates are done with the intent of being as "realistic" as possible for the exact scope of work required. We do not submit low bids in order to "win" a contract and then blow the budget out of the water with additional costs throughout the life of the project. There are many companies out there that will submit a ridiculous bid in order to be the lowest, fully knowing that the client is likely to change the scope of work in the middle of a project. Although nearly every project will have a change in the scope of work provided, LAI prides itself on submitting accurate cost estimates at every twist & turn of a project. This creates a "built-in" value for the client and gives them more legroom when planning their project, allowing them to base their projections on highly accurate numbers.


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